iVirus leverages the existing CyVerse cyberinfrastructure to take advantage of data sharing, common compute resources, and access to Apps and data processing pipelines. In order to access these resources, you need to create an CyVerse account.

Sign up for an CyVerse account

  1. To register for a CyVerse account, go to https://user.iplantcollaborative.org/register/
  2. Complete the information on the form
  3. The CyVerse support team will create your user account and send you a confirmation email
  4. Click on the validation link within the email to confirm and begin using your CyVerse account

Getting There

Navigate to CyVerse and “Launch the DE” under the Discovery Environment. This will take you to its login page. Once there, select the “Log in with your CyVerse ID” button, which will take you to the CyVerse authentication page. Enter your user name and password.

Discovery Environment Interface

Once logged in, you’ll see the following screen:

Discovery Environment Start Page

The Discovery Environment is divided into three components – Data, Apps, and Analyses.

Data: Serves as a file browser and allows you to upload, download, and view files and folders. You can also “Share” your files with fellow users, such as collaborators, graduate students, post docs and PIs. Through data sharing, data avoids duplication for each user, simultaneously minimizing disk space impact and maximizing collaboration by guaranteeing the same file is used by all involved.

Apps: An application browser, with applications functionally organized to allow easy finding. Here, you can find apps and run them on your data.

Analyses: A historical view of apps run in the past or present. You can check the status of your running apps, view parameters of the run or navigate to the output folders.

For a list of available iMicrobe/iVirus apps, see here. For various use case examples, such as tools available for processing a viral metagenome (and an example case), see here.